Bed Bug Boy

We have just returned from an excellent trip to Burma.  I have lots of photos to edit and we have some blog posts to write. So we will start with the pity-post, the sympathy post.

I have a man with an unwanted souvenir from the trip.  Andrew was badly eaten by bed bugs in a hotel we stayed at for 2 nights.  The hotel room had twin beds, and as well as getting the bed with the view over the lake, he slept with the bed bugs. 

It sometimes takes a few days for the bites to emerge and we are watching an dinner map appear over most parts of his back and arms. The bugs bite, then move on, which is why pretty much why straight lines of red bumps appear.

(I have added some modesty underwear and cropped the arm pictures to keep this safe for family viewing!  He does not actually have any lavender underwear, and it unlikely he would wear the same underwear 3 days in a row))

the developing arm

The bites are not dangerous in any way – just itchy and annoying.  So we have been applying calamine lotion and giving him baths in rolled oats infused water.  He is also currently composing an email to the hotel – which was a good hotel and certainly not cheap.

Calamine lotion
And don’t worry his irritability is only a little more than usual and he is eating and managing to consume beer and wine.  He will be OK. 

Although this may be hard to believe based on the posing he was doing today while we had coffee in town.  This is his “pretty boy, look sexy for the camera” look, perhaps the bites HAVE affected him?

Coffee time

And yes, he does get to read these posts before we post them  🙂

Update: Sunday Evening
STopped Calamine in preference for Oatmeal Baths – Rolled Oats in water.  It is the most effective at stopping the itching.  Downside:  He smells like porridge!

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    Paula – I think you should try flour in the water A reacted dquite well to it 40 years ago!!
    Cheers K

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