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We packed our bags and headed to the ferry terminal for the 2 hour fast ferry between Tagbilaran and Cebu.  arriving in Cebu we did a bit of taxi price haggling and we were on our way to Cebu international airport.  Being 4pm on a Friday afternoon traffic was pretty bad and our driver was a bit distracted.  But between him zooming, braking, getting tooted for not paying attention, we made it to the airport in plenty of time for the 2 hour flight to Hong Kong.  We got into Hong Kong, got on the airport express and were at our hotel by about midnight.

V2 Wanchai was a reasonably priced, well laid out, boutique hotel in a location with easy access to the MRT.  It worked well for our 3 nights in Hong Kong.

On Sarah’s recommendation we headed out to Oolaa Petite for a good breakfast and the best coffee we have had outside of Wellington this year!  Then Sarah met us there as arranged and there was no problem consuming a bit more coffee.  Some tram riding, a visit to the restored Central Market and late lunch filled in the afternoon.  We went to La Pampa steak house for dinner.  Sadly the memories of a very good meal and superb wine we had at that restaurant in 2007, were not repeated – the company was good but the food very average.

On Sunday morning the plan was to go to the Coastal Defence Museum and have a walk around the coast to take in some views.  We did head to the museum, but there was so much fog there was no view any further than 50 cm in front of your face.  It was quite atmospheric standing on the lookout at the building and hearing fog-horns from the shipping constantly sounding.   We had to imagine what we could have seen, if there had been any visibility.


The Coastal defence museum is worth a trip though, being one of those smaller museums that is more fascinating than the name would suggest.  It has good display and interesting stories about the Lei Yue Mon Fort and its role in protecting the Hong Kong Peninsula.  There was a small special exhibition on Hong Kong under the Japanese Occupation during WWII – which was something neither of us truly knew about. 

Lunch was Din Tai Fun, our regular big city fix for Xiao Long Bao – or “dumplings” as Andrew refers to them as .  Dinner was a highlight of the weekend.  The three of use walked 10 minutes from the hotel to 22 Ships, small restaurant that takes no reservations for dinner and where we got the last table available at the start of a busy evening service.  Dish, after dish, of seriously tasty tapas sat briefly on the table before being quickly devoured.  The slow-cooked Hawkes Bay lamb shoulder with mint and Baba Ganoush was one of the best.  Highly recommended!

Our time in Hong Kong was short and sweet, but it was very nice to visit again.

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