450 celebrations – preparations are underway

When we first arrived in Vientiane we saw this electronic billboard. At that time, September, there were 61 days & 1,472 hours until the 450 celebration.

The celebration is marking Vientiane being the capital of Laos for 450 years.  Prior to that it was the town of Luang Prabang.  The celebrations will be in the week 15th – 19th November.

The number of stories in the small English local paper have been increasing as the event has come closer.  Stories about the number of parades there will be, where the sky divers will be landing, how many groups each province will send to be in the parade…

And in anticipation the town is being tidied up.  Flags have gone up everywhere, the Laos flag, the Hammer & sickle, and the 450 emblem. 

Flags have appeared at roundabouts along with flower displays.  The flowers are not planted but in black bags behind the brick edging.

In the 10 minutes I was in the mini market another sign appeared.

Road edgings  have been repainted, riversides weeded and trees and walls have been painted.  Although the execution of the white painting with the paint splatter on the footpath, makes you wonder if they should have bothered?

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