Another Project Completed

As of Friday Andrew has completed his project with the Ministry.  It was a challenging assignment, but also rewarding.

On his last day he was given a traditional Lao silk jacket – fully lined etc and a silk scarf for his wife.  These gifts were from the Director General, and were totally unexpected.

He is now working improving his cooking and ironing skills – which gives him a definite incentive to look for another project. 

He has a goal to master the washing machine.  The first time he used it a couple of months ago the program options he selected would have had a four hour wash cycle – so he deferred that load until someone more skilled came home to help him.  The first load he did since becoming a man of leisure was done at the highest temperature possible and resulted in one light blue t-shirt and one white blouse taking on a red tinge (we are still not sure how he manged that as there was nothing red in the load).  I had left the house refusing to write down the steps saying something along the lines ‘nothing could go wrong, just follow your nose’ – lesson learnt!

Cooking so far has been masterful, delicious and somewhat innovative.  He is doing very well on this front.

He has managed to confuse most of the locals he has encountered in his shopping endevours, but we hold out hope this will improve for everyone’s sake.

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