Back in Laos

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After a day and a couple of nights in Bangkok we are back in Vientiane.  Lots has changed, but at the same time nothing has changed here.  We are here to do a short review project for one of the TWO companies listed on the Laos stock exchange, before heading back to NZ in August.

We couldn’t go back to our old apartment, so we are staying in a different area this time.  Sadly it doesn’t have a pool, but it is much closer to town being just behind Patuxay – the Laos Arc d’ Triomphe.  This is good, but the company head-quarters are just around the corner from our old apartment – so there will be some daily travelling across town.

We have hired a couple of push-bikes again as our personal means of transport.  It takes a strong man to choose the pink & lavender bike, but Andrew showed no hesitation.  Note also the pink t-shirt, red toning hat and cargo net.  Mine is a standard around-town shopping bike also ridden by school children.

blog bike

We have already revisited some of our old favourites –

1. Lao Kitchen for lunch and at $3.50 per plate for a delicious stir fry, its a steal!

blog LaoKitchen

2. Outside bar in the tourist quarter for a beer (or more than one beer) and the old lady still remembers Andrew – although with a face like this it is hard to forget it!

Bloag beer garden

3. Highland bar to watch the test, catch up with a couple of kiwis, and a couple more beers. Dehydration is always at the back of the mind and under a $1.50 a bottle its almost as cheap as water

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy to hear you are back in one of your favourite places! You are already enjoying it I see!

    xxx Suzette

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