Even in Vientiane there is wine

Even in Vientiane we have found a wine event to go to.  Actually on the first day here three or four wine shops were spotted and checked out (after that we sorted out food and accomodation)

A Melbourne chef, Ben Higgs of the Wild Oak restaurant in the Dandenongs http://www.wildoak.com.au/restaurant/chef presented an evening of wine matches with asian food.  Ben and his wife were doing a marketing trip through a few asian cities promoting Australian wines.

The wines were a mixed bunch some pretty mediocre, and some quite good.  The food matches were interesting from prawns and sushi, chickpea curry, thai fishcakes, char sui pork & korean beef.
There were about 18 people there, including 5 staff from the local Novatel hotel who were working on increasing their wine knowledge.  We sat opposite an Australian couple who had been here two years and this was the first event of it’s kind they had been to in that time – so we timed it well!

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  1. Richard Harris

    Glad you got your priorities right! Liquor first lodgings later!

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