Just living in Vientiane

Life has been routine here in VTE.  Get up go to work and going out biking at the weekend doesn’t sound scintillating.  But it has been a really enjoyable time. 

The tuk-tuk drivers at both ends of the route know Andrew now and generally he can get to and from work without too much miming involved.  Work for both of us has been interesting and every other day something comes out of the woodwork to surprise us as to how they do things.  Some days we have been eating in the staff canteen, and at $1.66 for a local dish we are very happy – some staff do look at us as if to say where did you come from? 

We returned to the local bar where we used to go once every week or two (and never saw another foreigner drinking there).  The nice thing was the lady remembered us and in broken English asked where we had been.  At the best French restaurant in town, which we had previously frequented on a regular basis, the lovely Delphine greeted us by name and kissed Andrew on the cheek. And while the staff in the wine shops don’t know his name, they certainly remember the tall foreigner who regularly purchased wine, stowed it in his bike basket and then pedalled off.

And we found a new Dr Siri book had been published, number 9 in the series, so we have a copy of that.

On the downside Andrew had a touch of the travellers tummy after eating out at a couple of restaurants – not sure which one to blame.  But from Sunday to Tuesday he hasn’t been a happy boy.  To be honest it was a really mild case (no explosive accidents) but to Andrew, it was a major illness – so let’s just humour him.  Probably worse than the rumbling tummy was that for 2 days he ate only rice!  And compound that with 2 full days without alcohol in any form. Yesterday, on the 3rd day he managed one glass of beer Lao and 2 slices of pizza – in honour of George & Kaz who passed through Vientiane for one night.

Happy sad
Happy Andrew on his birthday a few days ago…less perky Andrew having a rest while “terribly!” unwell

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  1. Anonymous

    Hope things have improved now, Andrew!
    Lots of love
    Alison and Alexander xx

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