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While Andrew was visiting the provinces I went up to Luang Prabang.  It is considered the jewel in the Laos tourism crown.  It was awarded Unesco world heritage status due to its fusion of traditional and european colonial architecture. 

I did 2 cooking courses with two different restaurants.  The 1st was at Tamnak and there was just myself and an American doing the course.  We were taken to the large market then back to the cooking school to work through the recipes.  It was a fun day and we made wonderful meals – my American friend and I decided we were very talented 😉

The 2nd school was Tamarind.  This is run by an Australian and her Lao husband. We went back to the market (which was a good chance to take photos as I had not done so yesterday) and then out into the countryside to the cooking school. 

It was a lovely location and there were 8 of us on this course.  We made quite traditional dishes and cooking over charcoal.

Both experiences were very good, but I preferred Tamnak.  They were less polished, but the recipes were excellent and I have already cooked a number of them again.  The 2 chefs knew what they were doing and it was a really fun day.  Tamarind had a really good market tour, rather than just walking around, so much was pointed out and explained.  Their recipes were also good, but I haven’t made any of them again.

Smoked mouse anyone?
Congealed Blood – good for thickening/flavouring soup

Buffalo Bile – good for bitter flavour
Fertilized duck eggs – number of weeks
I’m sure we must have seen the poultry that
used to be attached to these feathers
somewhere in the market

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  1. OK so whilst it looks like you had a fab time at the cooking schools, I was totally grossed out by all the local fare – mouse, blood, eggs, and feathers. I'd have struggled to eat after viewing all that lot!

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