Pi Mai Celebrations 2012

One of the biggest parties in the Buddhist Calendar in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, are the three days that mark the end of the old year, the day of no year and the day of the new year.  The 3 countries celebrate this on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April each year.

It is marked in a number of ways but the most obvious is by pouring water on people to bless them and wash away their sins.  As it is also the hottest time of year having water thrown at you is actually wonderful!

We had friends to stay over this time and we need to write up that fun experience but the videos we took over the break are too good not to share…

No kiwi adults were hurt in the making of this video, however the state of their reputations as mature adults, may be in question.

Pi Mai 2012

on youtube Pi Mai 2012

And as I heard the song Dynamite, by Taio Cruz, at least 30 times each day it seemed fitting pop it into places on the video soundtrack.

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