Practice for Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year)

In anticipation of the 3 day holiday coming up 13-15th April Andrew has already begun target practice with his new water pistol.

Exhibit A:

Firstly comment should be made about hair.  The only comment that can be made is I don’t believe this is his best look!

This however, is the face of a grown man who came across two small children playing in their paddling pool, while riding his bike through a side-street in the centre of town.  He proceeded to pull out his water pistol and wet the said small children and their father.   He actually left the house with two ‘loaded’ water pistols hidden in his fabric shopping bag, just in case such an opportunity should present itself.

Admittedly everyone thought it was great fun.  The comment when we sat down for a drink was “they didn’t expect a falang (foreigner) to be prepared already”

Also note the ‘official’ Pi Mai t-shirt.  This was his shirt from last year with a few holes where he got caught in a bush and with various small colour stains on it from the coloured water bombs thrown last year.  Today it is only 30% soaked from the encounter with 2 4 year olds and their papa.

Hundreds of mini-vans are taking loads of people either out of the city or into the city as people return home for the celebrations.  Our neighbours have been testing their sound systems for the last four nights with some loud music.  Daily temperatures are rising and tomorrow is the last day of work for most office workers.

Things can only ramp up from here.

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