Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Having had a brief taste of KL when we overnighted here returning from Sri Lanka, we decided to return and have a more intensive couple of days.

We headed off to the Central Market.  It was once a wet market but it has reinvented itself as a craft and bits & pieces market – sounds tacky but it isn’t and is worth a visit.

There we joined a Heritage walk around the market area.  Our guide was just new and learning the ropes so she wasn’t scintilating, but we did learn more than if we had wandered around by ourselves.  We went past a number of old buildings and colonial architecture.

As it was Friday we could not go inside the Masjid Mosque but we did peer through the fence and over the river at it.

Then we headed through old Little India – ‘old’ Little India because a few years back the government relocated Little India to Brickfields, another area of town.  But there are still some old remnants there.  And we finished in a chinese temple built early in the city’s history.

It was an interesting 1.5 hours.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the morning was the Fish Spa that Andrew tried out NZD2 for 10 minutes of fish nibbling at your feet!  There was a lovely sign that said the fish have no teeth.  He described the experience ‘as very different’ and ‘a feeling I had never had before’  He doesn’t look entirely comfortable…or maybe he is trying to commit the words of the song playing to memory…Malaysia, truly Asia…(which is their tourist adverrtisement this year) Repeat after me,  Malaaaaaayyysia, truly Aaaaaaasia

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  1. Anonymous

    Haha Sophie and I know what that feels like Andrew – we struggled a lot and spent a majority of the time with our feet out of the tank!

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