Finale in Bangkok

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It feels like we have spent a lot of time in Bangkok over the last few months, but it has been a good practical transit point for us.

This trip, before heading to Burma, I had a filling and Andrew was supposed to have the last of his dental work. Sadly since his implant post had been inserted 3 months ago, his teeth had moved slightly and the tooth impression created then, no longer fitted into the gap it was made for. So they stuck on a temporary tooth, and we had to go back again when we returned from Burma.

Finally the permanent tooth was screwed onto the implant post and the permanent crown was put on the tooth beside it. Lower left hand jaw reconstruction work has been completed! Apparently he can eat steak now – as if deteriorating teeth had stopped him in the last few year.

We spent most of our time around our hotel in Sukhumvit area- Bangkok is an OK city, but not filled with lots of places we felt we had to see each trip. The new mall Terminal 21is a good space. There are a handful of chain stores, but the majority are smaller shops; many are traders from Chatuchak market but stepping up to a glossy air conditioned space. So if you want something different, this is the place to come. The entire mall is themed as an airport and each floor has a country theme, Tokyo, Paris, London and there are accompanying decorations. So many people pose in front of these and get their photo taken. Strangely neither of us felt we ever needed to do this.

The top floors have very good food halls and we ended up eating there a couple of times. Most of the diners were locals rather than tourists.
terminal 21

Until this trip my favourite aspect of this mall was the express escalator. No puny one floor, walk to next escalator, another floor, walk to next escalator etc. This one whips you up 4 floors in one go – yes! But this joy has been superseded by the discovery that the toilets are state of the art with heated seats, a control panel of options and are scrupulously clean.

t21 heated toilets

The other eatery we ‘discovered’ this time was the old Dutch Inn. We had walked past it countless times and seen it well frequented. But we had assumed because it was on the edge of Soi Cowboy, it might be a bit seedy, but the food and atmosphere were fantastic. The original owner was Dutch and we even had kroketten for appetizer before superb Thai dishes for mains.

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