Goodbye Koh Samet

There were only a couple of black marks on the scoresheet for our few days on the island.
1) One day the water was full of little jellyfish and a few larger jellyfish. We walked to the next beach and found parts of that beach not affected by jellies so we swam there. By the end of that day the numbers in our bay were dropping dramatically and the next day they were all gone.

2) Day tripping Russian tourists.
We were sitting on the deck chairs which had been tidied and umbrellas erected and speculating they were tidying in anticipation of the busy weekend ahead – this was Friday and we had read it gets very busy over the weekend with escapees from Bangkok. Then a boat with 20 partially burnt Russians piled off and immediately stamped the waterside deck chairs. Our resort staff asked us to move to make way for the group…grrrrrr! However we didn’t really want to sit surrounded by loud Russians and and moved to the full loungers in a shadier spot. [as an aside there were a number of Russian families at our resort and they were lovely, but this group not so much]

 To return to the mainland we chose the speed boat option available direct from the Ao Cho Grand View resort. Organized it for the next day at 12. We duly turned up at 11:50 to check out and the girl said can we change you to 1pm as the boat is full. Cheeky wench, so we both said quite adamantly No, we HAVE to get back to Bangkok on time. Every day we have watched fast boat after fast boat pass the bay. In the end she organized a boat 20 minutes after agreed time and we were the only passengers.

It was a quicker trip than the ferry across. Of course it would have been faster still if the boat hadn’t stopped in the middle of the channel for a couple of minutes because an engine alarm went off. We watched the smoke coming out of the outboard and looked at each other as he tried to restart it a few times and the smell of petrol increased. But eventually it started again, and with no intention of nursing the engine he sped off at full rev toward the wharf.

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