Time in Chiang Mai–or Agents Orange on tour

Vientiane isn’t that far from Chiang Mai Thailand, but there are no direct flights and up until now we had never managed to get there.  Determined to visit, we planned a trip leaving VTE Friday night after work, 1 hour flight to Bangkok, sit in the airport for a couple of hours and then 1 hour through to Chiang Mai.  All went well and we were at our hotel before midnight.

We won’t mention the fact Andrew got a bit annoyed with people trying to push ahead of him to get off the plane.  So annoyed that he tried to step over the arm-rest of our row of seats to claim his spot in the aisle to be able to disembark – and got stuck one leg in the aisle / one leg in the row for about a 3 minutes while there a delay and no-one was moving.  I just pretended I wasn’t with him.

Our plans for our time were pretty simple – wander about, eat, drink and generally relax.  And so we did.  We did find that life in Chiang Mai was a bit like what we experience everyday at ‘home’ in Vientiane – but it was enjoyable none the less.

It’s been a while since we had been into temples – when you pass them every day it just isn’t a priority.  But the three or four we visited were impressive in size and scale.


The colours and art were worth seeing.


We had a bit of an orange theme happening this trip: from temples to statues.


Orange even extended to our wardrobes.  Andrew wore his special ‘road cone’ orange trousers.  I had a matching orange blouse.  A Thai man at one of the temples specifically stopped Andrew to say how much he liked his trousers – “they are so bright and cheerful” he said.


At least when he is sitting down in the food hall his trousers stop shouting. Of course you can’t tell that 3 minutes before this picture was taken he had accidentally knocked his chair to the ground, with a huge bang, trying to get up to help me with the food tray I was carrying. Nothing inconspicuous with this chap!

We visited the night markets and then escaped in relatively short time because the crowds were overwhelmingly dense.


We ate Khao Soi (local speciality), we drank Chang, we wandered in pretty hot temperatures – we have seen a little bit of Chiang Mai.

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