Ho Tram Resort – Vietnam

After overnighting in Ho Chi Minh we caught the resort shuttle for the 2 hour drive to the coast.  It seemed like there were 100km of road widening going on.

The resort is peaceful and we are enjoying it immensely.  There are 63 bungalows which are set in serene surroundings.  It was busy at the weekend but since then it has been very calm.

There is a fresh water pool, a sea water pool, tennis courts, restaurant areas, playgrounds, gardens, sculptures….it is all well done

Our accommodation is a spacious and well appointed.  Thatched roof bungalows with a partially open air bathroom.  It all works very well.

Meals are eaten in open air restaurant areas.  The breakfast buffets are generous in their variety and the other meals have been very good.

There is a beach side bar, which we have not spent a lot of time in, but we know it is there.  We had a drink there tonight and the soundtrack playing had a Christmas tune which was followed by the Lord’s Prayer in soft opera style.

And then there is the beach…..

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  1. Unknown

    That sums up a perfect holiday spot – wow! I will pass this on to my parents who are heading off over soon

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