Around home-base, Beynac

Although it’s not as exciting as a wedding post, we also had some general time around the area and tried to make the most of our week in the Dordogne. We had been in the Dordogne for a week in January 2006 so we were familiar with the territory.

We flew into Bordeaux and hired a car for the seven days. From Bordeaux airport to Beynac it is about 100 minutes, without traffic. That last little qualifier is quite important because driving out of the airport at 5:00pm on a Friday evening means there is quite a lot of traffic on the ring road. About an hour and a half sitting in that traffic gave Andrew more than enough practice with 1st and 2nd gear and the brake pedal. Eventually we hit more open roads and had a pleasant drive on the motorway and smaller roads.


One of our 1st outings was back to Sarlat. We thought we would spend some time finding the house we had stayed in last time, out in the countryside. It proved much harder than anticipated to find and we spent quite a lot of time driving along random (and wrong) roads. Just as we decided to give up, we drove along a familiar road and it all made sense. Thank goodness or we would have been perpetually annoyed. In Sarlat we also revisited a chocolate shop and Andrew convinced himself he needed a slab of chocolate for old times sake.

If there is a gate to look through, a wall to look over over a chimney to look up, Andrew will spend time doing so.

Around Beynac itself there were a number of nice walking routes that took us through countryside, trees and produce. In the region are many examples of stonewalling. The small round buildings were “Borie”


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