Bad Sulza and Berlin

We were lucky my friend Erik, his wife Kerstin and their two children Felix and Annika had returned home from their annual holidays just when we were in the area. So on our way to Berlin we detoured to spend a few hours with them on a (generally) sunny Sunday afternoon


They were kind and gracious hosts and prepared some local foods for us including Thuringian sausages and steak with local seasoning. So much good food.


After lunch and some good laughs they took us for a look at the sights around the village.


It is a lovely area and certainly deserves more tourists. It is a shame we also had such a short time there.


And here is Andrew reading in English to 3 year old Annika. I think she was rather confused given she is only learning German, Andrew speaks no German. But in the end she had a good story about the firemen in the picture book.

Then we zoomed through to Berlin for a short stay. berlin is a vibrant place and we certainly enjoyed our brief time there. This trip we tried a guided tour of a WWII bomb shelter at the Gesundbrunnen station. It was interesting hearing small details about how the propaganda and the bomb shelter worked during the war.


Our hotel was right by the railway tracks but was brand new, well built and we basically heard nothing in the time we were there

(From our hotel room, trains at passing night)



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