Brussels: Sunday 29th March 2009

The shops are shut on Sundays in Belgium – but the markets are operational. We decided to visit the large Sunday market at Gare du Midi. We knew we were on the right metro due to the number of people travelling with those grocery trollies you pull along behind you.

The market spread over a large area and had multiple fruit and vegetable stalls along with meat seafood and cheese outlets. One area was busy with plants and trees and the rest was the usual clothing and junk. If you knew someone who wanted a lovely acrylic jumper in a hideous shade – this would be the place to visit.

We purchased a few vegetables and some cheese and headed back to the EU district where we had a walk around looking at the EU parliament as well as a number of parks in the area. The EU has a huge financial impact in office accomodation and supporting requirements. An example is Euro 87 million to revamp a metro station outside the EU Parliament.

There is some interesting art in our metro station (Thieffry). A number of broken columns which had parts of the body coming out of them. We watched a couple of school children run past and rub the hand for luck – you can see it coloured yellow from the rubbing. They don’t rub the bottom for luck 😉

Today we also went back to the Cinqcitiere Park where we had been 3 years ago. We went back to the lovely Museum cafe where we had had a great lunch in 2006 and had another good lunch today.

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