Copenhagen to Brussels: 23rd & 24th March 2009

It was interesting as we came into Copenhagen habour to see the electricity generating windmills situated in the middle of in water. That area was obviously not very deep.

We were dropped into Copenhagen city and once we had navigated our way to our hotel we set out to explore the city, which was compact.
Tivoli gardens, one of Copenhagen’s biggest attractions doesn’t open till April 8th –so cross that off the list. We walked along the waterside and around to the Royal Palace – all very quiet.

We visited the little mermaid, on Copenhagen harbour. The guide-books play her down as a forlorn little character, and not really worth going out of you way for, and so it proved to be. But the bus-loads of Tourists pull up, pose and then take off again.

The requisite picture of the “Little Mermaid”

A wander through some quirky back street shops and some main street boutiques. The Scandinavian design style is gorgeous in it’s simplicity and appeal, but not so attractive when you convert from Kroner!
Copenhagen to Brussels: Tuesday 24th March 2009
Today was the possibly coldest day of the trip so far. The temperature wasn’t so bad but the icy wind had the ability to go right through you. Then later in the day there were showers of heavy snow.
We went to the Christiania side of Copenhagen. Christiania was formerly army barracks until was occupied by a bunch of hippies in 1971 becoming a self governing community. Nowadays about 800 people live there and some people call it a social experiment. Soft drugs are openingly allowed and sold there but the Danish police are cracking down, reversing their previously turn-a-blind-eye policy. We went in wandered down Main St where people were standing arounding warming themselves over fires in 10 gallon drums etc. Feeling completely out of place we decided we weren’t that interested and left. No photos are allowed.

We headed out to the airport in the later afternoon bound for Brussels. From the plane there was an excellent view of the bridge between Denmark and Malmo, in Sweden. There is an underground tunnel that emerges in the middle of the sea to lead on to the bridge. Nearby was another wind farm in the sea.
Goodbye Kroners, welcome back to Euros!

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