Budapest, Hungary

We took the train to Budapest. A not uncommon, but certainly out of current pattern cold snap had swept across northern Europe. There was light snow on the ground in Bratislava and it was snowing/sleeting in Budapest. But at that stage it wasn’t sitting. Temperatures had dropped from a comfortable 10 degrees to sub-zero. Instead of two layers of clothing we needed four.


Getting off the train at Budapest was a mission as it continued through to Bucharest, and there were crowds waiting to get on. No one was going to make a path for us so I ramrodded my way through the crowd – someone’s umbrella certainly came off worst in the confrontation with my suitcase. Andrew with his extra height did a bit of glaring and intimidating and sort of followed in my wake with his elbows taking no prisoners.

We changed a small amount of money at the railway station as it known to have the worst rates in town. On to the underground and through to our apartment. It is compact, but feels bigger. This probably due to the 7 meter ceilings and that our bedroom is a suspended mezzanine floor above the living area. The heat does go up there.

Bags dropped, we set out in the snow to find lunch and some supermarket provisions for dinner. During lunch the snow was falling much more heavily. Walking about was miserable, cold and wet underfoot and just plan no fun.


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