Nancy is one of those towns that is quite often not included on itineraries, but should be.  Much of the town has an Art Nouveau style and has been well maintained.  So much so, the old city has been awarded Unesco world heritage status.
One of the highlights is the extremely ornate Stanilas Square, related to a polish noble, who’s daughter married the King of France.  It is a stunner, with the gold painted ironwork and size of the structures.

There are at least two substantial city gates we saw how these towns were historically fortified. The Museum of Lorraine History, located in the Ducal Palace, had art, artifacts and architecture showing the power of Dukes of Lorraine.

The food is great, we had usual breakfast, but the croissants/pain au chocolat are perhaps the BEST we have had anywhere in France.   Lunch was plate of the day – lamb with a demi-bottle of wine, cherries in chocolate sauce and ice cream followed by coffee. We have deliberately avoided the local speciality of tripe sausages.  Happy travelers we are.

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