St Hilaire to Marseille Airport: Saturday 9th & 10th May 2009

Our time in Languedoc has come to an end and it has been fantastic. In our short time here we have done a lot of exploring both in cities and in the countryside and villages. We have seen the vines around our village grow like mad and now they are much taller & lusher and are sporting lots of tiny green grapes. The red poppies have come out in the last week or so.

We have eaten well and tried to perfect a recipe we found for duck breast in an orange & lemon sauce (nearly there). The daily visits to the bakery have convinced the ladies behind the counter Andrew can speak fluent French: as long as it is “deux Baguettes s’il vous plait & merci and they make conversation with him and he smiles sweetly.

The trials of local & Côtes du Rhône wines have been extensive. Not all have been winners, but they were only a small portion of the sample.

The weather has been superb, with one day of torrential downpours, the remainder have been warm and sunny.

It is a lovely and extremely varied area of France. It was sad to come down to the airport today for our 6:10am flight to Porto tomorrow.

The local crosses, found along the roadsides in abundance

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