Voutenay to Beaune: Thursday 9th April 2009

After breakfast we had a guided walk around the village before saying goodbye to our hosts. Margaret & Brian’s hospitality is unmatched and it was delightful to spend a short time with them.

Driving down to Dijon was lovely, rolling hills and quiet roads. Dijon was another delightful surprise. We had not done any research on it and had no idea what to expect, but we both like it a lot. It was a city with an inordinate number of churches, and after a relaxed lunch in the sun we wandered the streets.

Paula got to drive this afternoon, but Andrew found it hard being a passenger. Two typical comments were “I don’t have any mirrors – I can’t see what the traffic is doing” um…you aren’t driving you don’t need to see the traffic. And the classic when I drove into a supermarket looking for a petrol station, and on not finding it, reverted to original plan but the navigator was unable to provide directional advice as he yelled “I DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO TURN, YOU STUFFED IT UP”. He was told the GPS he was holding had re-routed us and would provide the answers – IF HE WOULD LOOK AT IT AND STOP PANICKING.

[Correction by AJ: It was amicably resolved – I drove onto Beaune when we did find a supermarket with a petrol station]

We ended the day in Beaune, it is described on the web as “bustling, wealthy, and charming place of pilgrimage for art lovers, wine lovers, and gastronomes.” We were here in January 2006 when there was a lot of snow on the ground, so seeing it in spring is a lovely contrast.

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  1. Richard

    GPS’s are great for relationship harmony – if all else fails blame the equipment!

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