Basel, finally

After not bringing a passport yesterday we zoomed into Basel without anyone wanting to see one anyway…oh well better safe than sorry.
We parked in a parking building and actually had no idea which direction the old town was in – even though the parking building was called City Parkhouse.  
We walked passed a number of down and outs on their way to a nearby shelter and a couple shooting up in a telephone box before we found ourselves passing expensive hotels and multiple Maseratis.  Quite the contrast.
The old town is lovely (and very quiet on New Years Day). Andrew really enjoyed looking at two traditional ferries operating on the Rhine. They are attached to a guide wire and the current propels them across, no motor etc.

We checked out the townhall, cathedral, the river and the Tinguely kinetic fountain and generally had a pleasant few hours.  It was a very balmy 14 degrees 

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