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Another location, another bus journey today, from Cordoba to Granada. According to the city tourist information site the Alhambra, in Granada, is the most visited attraction in Spain . Whether that is 100% true or not, there were A LOT of tourists, just like us there to visit the Alhambra. It made it easy knowing where to get off the city transport bus, when 95% of the people disembarked outside the cathedral, we knew we should just get off there too.

Our apartment was the least appealing stay of the trip. It was totally set-up for short-term visitors (bland, bland, bland), it was in a noisy street, with a door to the building that slammed every time someone went through it. Apart from the tourist numbers, and the average apartment, the Alhambra was stunning. People we met at a lunch in NZ had advised the best thing to do was to scout out the access to the site the night before, as it made it easier on the day you visit. So that afternoon we trekked all the way up the hill and it was really useful to know where to head the next day.

Knowing where to go, we arrived early the next morning for our allotted entrance time. We were actually 2nd in the line so that we walked around with almost no-one in our view.

Near the end of the palace a guard came talked to us. And shared that the room we were in, with its rounded ceilings, had the feature of being able to whisper in one corner and the person on the other side of the room could hear that clearly.

We nearly gave the cathedral a miss, having seen a lot of churches, but it was well worth the time spent

Being a tourist town there were a LOT of tourist restaurants. We avoided them and went a couple of blocks away and found (hardly hidden ) an enclave of Syrian and other middle eastern restaurants. The highlight was restaurant Jero – great food at reasonable prices!

Although I asked, I never found out why he needed to standed 50cm off the ground to take a photo, but such is travel with Andrew.

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