It is lovely to be back in Porto, a city where we know the layout and public transport, where the people are kind and there is no shortage of food and wine.

At 1pm we met the export manager and one of the winemakers from where Andrew has previous imported his Portuguese wine from.  Ana and Pedro were both lovely and entertaining people.  And the current releases of their range of wines are superb.  We tried 14 wines, mainly red.  In the course of the tasting and the lunch afterwards we would used 25- 30 Reidal glasses, each.

The tasting took about 75 minutes then we moved to the dining table for a most wonderful lunch.  The restaurant of chef Rui Paula is well know and highly regarded, and the series of dishes we ate were wonderful.  We left the restaurant 4 &1/2 hours after we had entered.  It was a very good afternoon with lovely people.

We wandered down to the riverfront to watch the sun setting on the river.

Eventually we needed dinner and mid-evening (for us) we headed out to a nearby modern restaurant where we again ate delicious food.  The restaurant was called “book” and menus were presented inside books, a paperback was used as a mat to rest hot dishes on, the decorations were books.  It was lovely.

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