Berlin: Wednesday 4th March

This morning we headed down to the Reichstag, the building of the German Parliament. Following reunification when Berlin became the capital city again, Sir Norman Foster was commissioned to design a working parliamentary building.

It has a dome of glass and mirrors that can be walked around and provides excellent views over Berlin. A central mirror structure comes up from the parliamentary floor and you can look down to see glimpses of the parliament below – which was not sitting when we were there. It was completed in 1999. It is an outstanding structure and quite visionary that it was allowed by the conservative German parliament. It’s a stunner.

In front of the Reichstag and the walking spiral to the top

AJ on the terrace roof and the central mirror structure heading down to parliament

We then headed to Winterfeldtmarkt, a bi-weekly market that is supposed to be one of Berlin’s best. Perhaps it is better on it’s other day, Saturday, than it was today. Not a lot happening and almost no customers. Never mind.

We headed back to the KaDeWe, Berlin’s premiere department store. It was well laid out and a short look around before we hit the 6th and 7th floors. On the 6th floor is the foodhall and it was massive and comprehensive. We had a great time buying bread, vegetables, meat and a little wine, that we had intended to buy at market. The prices were not market cheap, but the selection was great.

We didn’t stop at the caviar stand, the pastisserie, or any of the goodie shops. I wouldn’t let Andrew partake of any of the 3 different champange bars ( a glass was only €9.5 to €11). We instead had a buffet lunch in the winter garden on the top of the department store.

In the winter garden, where we had lunch

For non-shoppers we seem to have visited a few classic department stores so far.

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