St Petersburg: Tuesday 10th March 2009 H E R M I T A G E

The big day finally arrived – 30 year wait for AJ – the visit to the Hermitage. Remember to click on the pictures for the full sized view and lots more detail

In front of the Winter Palace portion of the Hermitage Museum

It had snowed lightly overnight. We walked on the fresh snow in the courtyard of the Winter Palace to the ticket office – opening at 10:30.

In the courtyard on the way to the ticket office

We had prioritised to look at the 19th Century European paintings and the impressionists.

The walk up to the 2nd floor galleries via the grand marble staircase was a very impressive start.


All the rooms were substantially proportioned. Some paintings were hung 20 feet high, just because there was not enough wall area to display everything at eye level. The ceiling were 40 feet high, all were highly decorated – an indication of the immense wealth of the Russian royals and labour involved to build these rooms. The rooms and corridors went on forever and everywhere you looked there was another wonderful display of treasures. And in every room another attendant watching over the collection.

What we saw far exceeded our expectations –which were high to start with.

Corridors and rooms as far as the eye could see

Our priority paintings were great and in particular the impressionist paintings were superb. They were well displayed and interspersed with grand furniture.

Various rooms of the Hermitage

The number of oversized marble vases, goblets etc (all over 4ft high, some 6 or 7 ft high and 10 feet long) was amazing. Sadly, there would not be enough room in Rankin St to display any of the bigger ones.

We both thought this was an extraordinary collection and a beautiful display setting. Thoroughly recommended.

Just what I need at Rankin St

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  1. Anonymous

    Thoroughly enjoying your trip – Good to see some photos of Paula – pity they seem to be more blurry than the ones of Andrew 🙂

    Can’y wait to visit St Petersburg sometime


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