St Petersburg: Wednesday 11th March 2009

Risk Management – this was checking out the railway station for Friday morning. We walked in a slightly different area to the Finlandsky station. We could identify the train number on the schedule and there were 10 platforms and that was it. It looks manageable.

Walking over one of the bridges I can see that the ice is starting to melt in the river and the water looks rather dirty. The traffic was very congested but it seemed to be working. There is no shortage of top-end German motor vehicles in this town.

We visited the Imperial Porcelain outlet. There was some attractive material and we have purchased a small memento.

A lot of the staff in shops are quite cold or dour and there are few attempts to engage with customers. Most are very well staffed but there are not a lot of customers about.

We visited a Russian orthodox church. The outside was very attractive but quite small inside with elaborate decorations. The contrast with NZ was that there we were no pews. There were plenty of people lighting candles and quietly worshiping.

We came across a vegetable, fish, meat and cheese market. Great to see the variety, and the processing work being done in full view. I was slightly disconcerted I wasn’t allowed to buy any more meat – as we apparently had enough in the fridge.

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