Saalbach, Austria: Feb-18 a week of skiing

Having had such a good time last year at Saalbach Hinterglemm, a return ski-trip was organised for Andrew.

We flew into Munich on Finnair with a short transit at Helsinki airport.  Here we watched the snow coming down very heavily and multiple planes being de-iced.  Onward to Munich airport where we fortified ourselves with some coffee and went to pick up our rental car.

Outside the day was overcast, but there was plenty of snow on the ground. We broke the 2 hour journey to our apartment near Lake Chiemsee by returning to Wasserburg am Imm, the town we had enjoyed so much last year as a lunch stop.  Sadly the very good cafe we had been to was closed for 2 weeks winter holidays.  After wandering around the old town for 5 minutes, we chose an Italian restaurant, mainly because there were plenty of people there.  We got back on the road and found our home for the next 2 nights in Bernau.

The next day we needed to go to a larger town to do a few errands and grocery shopping for the next week.  It was equal distance to 2 towns, and we found later we chose the least interesting of the 2.  Rosenhiem was a typical German town but on the plus side we found a brewery restaurant for a good hearty lunch.

Saturday, being changeover day in most accomodation in the ski towns, saw a lot of traffic on the road.  We stopped in the small border town of Reit am Winkel for a walk and coffee.  Back on the road there was one major tailback where it took us about 40 minutes to travel about a kilometer, leading up to an uncontrolled intersection.  After that it was plain sailing.

Back in the same house as last year, Anna Apartments, but a different apartment, Andrew was racing out the door to get his skis hired.  He was so happy when the man put his details into the comouter system and could reissue the equipment he had hired last year and the process took about 10 minutes.

The snow base was far better than last year, but it was a couple of weeks later in the year and lots and lots of children on school holidays.  Andrew skiied 4 days out of 6.  The other 2 days it snowed, one of them very heavily and there was 40cm of new snow overnight.

Quoting Andrew’s trip notes…

“The fields grooming is excellent given my 8.30am starts. The lumps have been removed and I can ski down with ease of concentration and appreciate how fortunate I am

This resort attracts many Europeans and their high end vehicles …The facilities are superb given the 70 lifts that all interconnect

I  have never been able to walk 40 metres to the ski lift in my life, easy to depart and return to the heated ski room

Lift queues can be long at times during the day, a number of people could learn from some English protocols and stop pushing along the queue line

It is lovely to explore new ski runs, pushing the boundaries for AJ.  I did some steep red runs that I managed well, snow was great, it was morning and not many people about. I did a couple of great runs thru a forest 2 valleys over, loved it

Have loved our time here.”

I did a few hours work each and relaxed the rest of the time. Next it is back to Munich and a real weeks holiday for me.

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