Bergen: Friday 20th March 2009

We took the 7 minute funicular railway trip to the top of Mt Floyan – 320m above sea level. The views over Bergen were useful. From here we could see the larger city, as well as the older heart where we have been exploring.

We took well marked trail down to the city centre for a nice hour’s walk. The views were good and much of the hillside forest is administered by a friendly society who employee a forest manager and volunteers do lots of the work

There is a UNESCO world heritage site at the old wharf of Bergen, called Bryggen. In the 14th to 16th centuries the town was an important post in the Hanseatic League’s trading empire. Much of it has been ravaged by fires over the years but rebuilding has traditionally followed old patterns and methods, thus leaving its main structure preserved.

Views from around the historic wharf area

Little boy in Fountain, and Ibsen the playwright

Bergen has a large number of statues. Greig the composer lived here, there are statues of kings etc. But a number are just a little but ‘unusual’ The boy in the fountain has a great look on his face – just like he is being hit with cold water, and Henrik Ibsen’s eyes make him look completely demented. (PR’s opinion)

One thing that is prevalent here is hand-knitting. Jersies are displayed in many shops (not just tourist ones) and there are many wool shops. There are some particulary lovely examples of delicate wool scarves.

Tonight we had dinner in the Café Opera, where we also had dinner last night. The atmosphere, food and staff were great so we thought we would go back again. It did not disappoint and provided a lovely meal at a reasonable price. Recommended.

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