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We made a day trip to Segovia to see the castle and the enormous aqueduct. Coming into town and as you get off the bus you can not fail to see the aqueduct. It was built in Roman times and it was operational until the early 1970s

With the fast rail link the journey from Madrid could take under an hour. The fast train station is 20 minutes out of the town itself but there were connecting buses waiting to take loads of tourists to the centre. The 1st thing we noticed on arrival was the wind. Segovia is much higher than Madrid and that day it was blowing like crazy. On the plus side we wore our rain jackets for the only time on the trip – so they had not been a waste of packing space!

Leaving the centre of town we walked to the castle as we had a timed entry ticket.

Having explored the town and aqueduct we decided to take the slow train back to Madrid – because we told ourselves that we have time and it is nice to see the countryside rather than the fast rail track. So after waiting for the very infrequent train we boarded for the 90 minute trip back to Madrid. It ended up taking over 3 hours as the train had some sort of fault and was travelling at about 10km per hour. At one point it stopped and everyone exited the train. A kind man said we should get off too, but didn’t have enough English to tell us what would happen next. So we just waited and sort of followed him when another train arrived. No dramas, but rather a long return to the city.

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