When we got to Zagreb we went to the main railway station to book our tickets to Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. For the days we were there the main station was out of action for signaling maintenance and our train was leaving from the West station. It wasn’t too much of an issue as we worked out how to get on the right tram the and went to that station. The only problem was that the train was delayed, messages were not being broadcast in English, there was nowhere to sit except on the platform. After an hour and 20 delay the train arrived and we got on for our 2.5 hour journey.

Along the way it became apparent things were going to colder in Ljubljana as there was much more snow still lying on the ground.

With 2 exploring days in the city, we did just that. Andrew had been going to ski at Sarajevo, but weather conditions were not ideal, and there had also been a plan to ski out of Ljubljana, but with a bit of cold he wasn’t going to enjoy it fully so that plan was let go.

Ljubljana is one of those smaller European cities without lots of big-gun features, but which is surprisingly enjoyable. The architecture is grand and attractive.


We went up to the castle, but views were limited due to the weather. The castle itself has been restored and prettied up and is positioning itself at a function/wedding venue.

Perhaps the most appealing thing at the castle was. The small chapel.

The Italian designed St Nicholas church was one of the nicest in town. It started with the detailed 3D bronze doors. And continued with an elaborate and ornate interior

And good food has not been a problem here. Restaurant Sokol dished up their speciality mushroom soup in a bread cup and the nicest Slovenian wine we have had yet Refosk


And Lolita cafe delivered coffee with a treat of the nicest creme brûlée! in a designer renovated warehouse. Yum!

It was international Women’s day and there were lots of women being given single stems. My dessert came with a little good wish message tied with a bow.

Making the city more appealing is a large number of sculptures and outdoor art


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