Leysin: Thursday 26th February

We hurried through breakfast so we could make an early train down the valley as we were heading to Vevey, 40km back toward Lausanne.

Here we needed to meet the Civil officials to finalise marriage arrangements. M. Schneider was a friendly happy man who spoke good English – which made the process run smoothly. At this point we are the only people getting married in Aigle on 15th April, and the ceremony will be in English!

We had a brief look around Vevey which is a charming town on the lakeside.

Andrew looking more relaxed after wedding arrangements confirmed

We then headed back to Aigle to check out the actual location of the ceremony. It is in Maison de la Dime, which is a large timbered Tithe barn, which is alongside the Chateau Aigle.

Maison de la Dime

There are vines everywhere around this area and apparently produces some of the best Swiss wines (had a lovely light and lively swiss red last night for dinner) and Aigle is a bit of a service town

The Chateau Aigle and the position of the castle in the valley

Back up the mountain where we stopped at Davinda, a newish bar/restaurant for a friendly beer. A wander around the town showed lots of snow melt and it is warm and the forecast tomorrow is for more snow.

Tonight we dined at Le Leysin, a rustic restaurant which we think will be good for our reception meal.

We feel that the arrangements for our wedding are looking good and we are keen to return in April.

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