Szechneyi Baths

A 40 minute walk up to the park brought us to the Szechneyi baths. We had been going to go to another baths but this one was reputed to have the best English. Both of us wandering around in our togs trying to work out where we were supposed to go in the maze of corridors, seemed like a recipe for disaster or at least some unnecessary marital stress. It turned out to be a good decision and we had a great time.

We were issued with wristband watches that open our changing cabin and access to the facilities. There were a series of medicinal pools and saunas but we choose to spend the bulk of our time in the outdoor pools. One was heated to 34 degrees and the other to 38 degrees – it was recommended that you only spent a maximum of 20 minutes in the hotter pool.

Given the actual temperature was 0 degrees and the sun was shining it was a fun and relaxing experience.

The lower temperature pool had a circular area where jets of waters propelled you around.


After 5 minutes or so these jets would turn off and jets would come on in the main area and people would jockey to stand over the jets for a massaging experience.

At NZ$47 for the both of us to enter it wasn’t a cheap swim (and this wasn’t the most expensive bathing complex in town, but it may have been one of the most popular. There were no children and it was an adult outing.

Our ticket allowed us to stay all day, but 2 hours felt enough. However this was a quintessential Budapest experience and we enjoyed it.


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    Paula and Andrew. Still loving the blog. Fabulous and amusing. Thanks xx C&K

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    Looks great! loving the blog. Thanks for sharing.xx Alison and Alexander

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