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After the adventures with the bag we returned to a more sedate existence in Cambridge.  A pub lunch with all the relatives in town, followed by a stroll along the river, a trip to the supermarket so someone could go to the toilet (owner of the red bag who didn’t think it was important before leaving the pub) and dinner.

The next day we returned to the train station (yet again) and caught the train to London.

Dropping our suitcases at left luggage we headed off to the Courtald Gallery.  It was a fantastic collection and we enjoyed the variety of top quality items. Neither of us had been there before and we were both so pleased we went.  

Lunch at a little cafe set us up for a trip to Harrods and surrounding area before catching a late afternoon express train  out to Stansted for our flight to Porto.

We really noticed how expensive the UK is and we went through money like a hot knife through butter, but we had a good time.

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