Cambridge: Sunday 1st March

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A relatively early bus trip to Duxford. The Duxford Imperial War Air Museum has an excellent reputation but was new to all of us. It simply is excellent and a full day is really required. The quality of the displays, explanation notes and accessibility to the exhibits was superb.

In the displayed planes there were: Concorde, Harrier Jump Jet, B52 (which is absolutely huge), F111, stealth bomber and flying boats and these were just a small example of the range. Definitely worth a visit.

Stealth Bomber “Blackbird” and a B52 (the plane took up most of the display hanger you can’t get it in a photo – so a display photo instead- e n o r m o u s!)

Simon & Chazzy had to leave a little earlier but Paula and I spent 5 hours walking around and to be honest by the end we were suffering museum fatigue!

We had a meal made by Chazzy with the English cousins at Annie’s house. Great to catch up.

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