Leysin – Cambridge: Friday 27th& 28th February

Leysin – Cambridge: Friday 27th February

It was a travelling day today as we had to get to Cambridge UK and all went smoothly, it just takes time. The train to Geneva airport was 2 hours from the village to the airport, followed by a straight forward flight and train into Cambridge. It was Chazzy’s birthday so it was off to a wine bar, D’Arry’s, for an excellent meal. http://www.darrys.co.uk/

Cambridge: Saturday 28th February

Paula and I walked to Chazzy and Simon’s spacious Cambridge abode. After coffee and brownie we caught the bus to Angelesy Abbey, a National Trust property. A delightful winter garden, snow drops, extensive grounds and a real treat in a historical water driven flour mill. The house was not open – winter hours.

Chazzy and Andrew outside Angelesey Abbey

The four of us dined well at Annie’s house (she was in France on a short trip)

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