Warsaw, Poland

By train we travelled the 300km in 2.5 hours to Warsaw which has a population of 1.7m, vastly bigger than Krakow’s 0. 7 m. A different scale and feel.

The cultural centre, a gift from the Russians is certainly lacking in architectural merit. It is said the best view of Warsaw is from the viewing platform, mainly because this building isn’t in the view.


Warsaw has Unesco status ‘outstanding reconstruction’ of its old town which had been obliterated in WW2 and has been rebuilt to reflect historical Zarchitecture. Estimates of damage to the large bombed area suggest 80-90% of the old city was rubble. The damage was deliberate Nazi retribution for the 1944 uprising against the occupying Germans.


Plenty of flower pots often of geraniums exist which add good colour.

We mastered the local transport ticketing system and took the bus out to the Wilanow palace to see the gardens and the interior. We were impressed with the content (always good to see a palace with it’s own theatre) and the window views out to the gardens were delightful. You would need a few gardeners to keep it in shape.


There were a number of monuments to Marie Cuire, a Warsaw native before she went to France and was awarded 2 noble prizes.

The Warsaw Rising museum is a new museum about the WW2 experiences, particularly the 1944 resistance. It was very well presented in many different dimensions and gave a good insight into what an absolutely appalling time that was. The crowds of all aged at this museum reflect how well they tell the history of Warsaw related to that time.


Food, the same good standard places were found. We were disappointed we could not get into the Butchery on the first night when we fronted up, so the booking for the next night was made on the spot. The best beef (28 day dried cured ) I have eaten in years plus some vegetables.


We both really enjoyed our trip to Poland.



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