Northland Dec 2014

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In mid-December we headed to the winterless north.  The main reason was for a wedding at Matapouri (Tutakaka Coast) and that neither of us had spent much time in the region.  The weather however did not play the game.  Barring the day of the wedding and the day after it rained or blew furiously (or both at the same time) every single day.  Never mind, we still had a very enjoyable trip

map northland

1st off was a stop in Omaha with the Harrises, who were as always kind and generous hosts.  We didn’t plan our trip very well because we headed out of Auckland Airport at close to 5pm on a Friday, so there was lots of time crawling along the motorways.  We had a good trip to the fabulous Matakana market and lunch at the well-known Leigh sawmill pub and just generally had a very pleasant time walking eating and drinking.

Then it was off to Mangonui with a quick stop in Keri-Keri to check out the Stone Store (1836)

stone store

Then we headed to our home on the beach for 2 nights at Coopers Beach at Mangonui.   It was perfectly located, but the weather was not co-operating and instead of sunny days and swimming off white sandy beaches we got this…


At the beginning of December we had been in Bluff, very bottom of the South Island and 2 weeks later we were at the very top of the North Island. We did a day trip up to Cape Reinga.

Cape Reinga

We walked around the historic sites of the town of Mangonui, ate at the world0-famous-in-NZ fish and chip shop and battling the wind at the top of the hill, checked out the views back down over the village and beaches. 

wind at mangonui

On yet another challenging day in the so-called winterless North we took the ferry over the Hokianga harbour to Rawene (excellent coffee at the Boatshed Cafe)  From here we were going to visit some of the Mission houses, but we timed it wrong and they were all closed on a Wednesday so we lookd at Mangungu Mission house and church just from the outside.

mission houses

We stayed in Pahia and ventured across to Russell where the tour around Bishop Pompellier’s house was the highlight. Stayed at Casabella motel

bishop Pompelliers

The weather in the sunny Bay of Islands remained singularly unimpressive.

bay liquid sun

At least the Pohutakawa along the shorlines and wild roses on all the roadsides didn’t disappoint.


Finally the sun came out at Mataporui Bay and Andrew was lulled into the water, which remained on the frigid side and not a lot of swimming was done.  At least the sun shone on the lovely beach wedding.



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