*warning* cute baby photos follow

Sometimes when you travel everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Our journey to Cambridge UK was not one of those trips. The worst part of the entire trip was leaving home at 4:30am for an early morning check-in. The flights from Wellington to Sydney, to Brisbane, to Singapore went off without a hitch. Singapore to London was on the top deck of the Airbus A380, which was a great airplane. We landed ahead of schedule into Heathrow at 6:02am and then passed through immigration in well under 10 minutes. The tube was quiet, the change to the central line had only one set of stairs and the transfer to the train service through to Cambridge was a piece of cake.

Once in Cambridge we had a slight problem getting through on the phone and with the actual address of the house, but it all worked out in the end.

We had three lovely days of cruising around fitting in with routine of a 6 week old baby.

Chazzy & Simon took us out for walk around the grounds of Wimpole Hall




And we even managed to get invited to a lovely 60th birthday celebration with the most wonderfully light scones and a delicious birthday cake


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  1. Anonymous

    How exciting. Trust you to find the wine shop
    Great photo of washing the little cherub
    Particularly proud grandad!
    Roll on July when I'm off to Christchurch (new Zealand to to the same)
    Move over Kate M

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