Christmas in Vientiane

The 24th of December was nominated as Christmas Day for the Jacksons in Vientiane.  Two daughters had managed to co-ordinate seperate Asian holidays to be in Vientiane at the same time.  Sounds easy but with two partners plus three other travelling companions coming from seperate directions for a while it seemed like a logistical nightmare, but it did come together.

Sophie travelling with Hayley, Courtney, Alex & Jane came to Vientiane on the 17th without the others.  Andrew had a fun time showing her the town on our bikes for the one day she had before she rejoined the others on an overnight bus south.  They would return on the 22nd December.

Chloe and Aidan flew in from Siam Reap, Cambodia on the 21st and Andrew started to get more proficient at tour guide duties.

Sophie and Hayley arrived back on the 22nd, and their travelling companions on the 23rd.

Christmas Day (i.e. the 24th) was a beautiful calm, clear & warm Vientiane day.  Aidan and Andrew (in matching BeerLao t-shirts) supervised the Barbeque.  Lamb, Chicken, and Sausages were on the menu.

Salads were made and some Fizz was consumed.  Christmas lunch was eaten outside, under the umbrellas by the pool.


Some swimming followed by some water fights. Andrew has perhaps decided to retire from the water fighting arena based on his results on Xmas day???

And a nice suprise end to the day was when we walked over to the local beer garden for an evening bite, Santa came around and gave all the tables little sweeties.

The following day, Christmas day for everyone else, all the travellers headed off, some north to Vang Vieng and the rest off on the overnight train to Bangkok.

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